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This text is a translation and paraphrase of the original text "Reduce your bounce rate" published in The SEO Handbook.

The initial question is how to make visitors stay longer once they have entered the site. Explains David Deutsch.

We all want our site is at the top of the list in Google searches. But that's only half the story of what happens when people have clicked on the link on our site? Do they stay in while on the website and read about offers or leave it and go? Obviously, we want the first pass, then, what should we do to make this occur?

When visitors do not find something interesting in the first impact site, they go away. This effect is known as abandonment, rebound or bounce rate (in English). A website with a high dropout rate with good quality sources is an indicator that the site is not meeting the expectations of visitors.

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I must say, studying a Master's open your eyes in many ways. One of them is the know-how about how to actually do business with IT. As a Computer engineer, all IT is just IT. ITAM gives a very good program called MTIA which it is in my opinion, the perfect bridge between IT and business management. It will give you the tools to monetize the technology. I might think the MTIA program might see the future of the FinTech in a very naive way (the program, at least in 2007-2010, did not have any subjects related to cryptocurrencies).

I must recognize I delayed getting into cryptocurrencies. Although I was aware of Bitcoin, I did not take it seriously because I was not able to go to Walmart and pay with it. At that time I did not completely understand how to convert the cryptocurrency to my local currency.

In late 2016, I started to study the cryptocurrencies and built a little miner. After some readings and studies about the cryptocurrencies fluctuations, its relationship with trading, and financial impacts, I took the call not only to mine them but to make them as much as profitable I could. I decided to start trading.

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Miners are usually encouraged to do mining on a specific cryptocurrency because the reward when finding a block. The mining reward should be bigger than the money you invest (like the hardware and the electricity). However, mining the most profitable coin at that very moment could be seen as the fast and right answer, however, if you give a second thought, this could not be the right answer. Usually, when you mine, you don't sell the coin right away. It is wise to wait until the right moment (when the selling price is the best). And because of that, you should have another approach.

If you like me have some spare hardware and you have the option to choose what currencies to mine, this article will show you how I came with a decisión.

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