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PayPal is one of the biggest (or maybe the biggest) payment processor in the world, it allows you to safely send payments to untrust people around the globe. Paypal is not a cheap carrier, it bills approximately a 0.30 USD + 3% fee; however, it is fullish to think you shouldn't accept payment through it. I do not know anyone who does not have a Paypal account. PayPal has developed a trust level where you can put your credit card number rather than setting it up on an unknown e-commerce website.

I am writing about PayPal as I am planning a service that will eventually send payments to people in the world. As a business strategy, PayPal is offered as a payment option. So, I will share with you my findings regarding what countries does PayPal serves and how it serves them.

Visual Map of Countries Served by PayPal

The following map shows the countries where PayPal can give an account. Having an account does not imply you can withdraw to your bank account, but you can hold a balance that can be spent in other products or services.

Visual Map of Countries Where PayPal Serves the Local Currency

The blue shadows in the map show those countries whose local currency is supported directly by PayPal.

This does not mean the green shadow cannot receive funds, it is just that they should be stored using another country's currency. Some green countries (and blue ones as well) offer bank accounts in USD currency. PayPal supports moving fund to your local USD account. For example, in Colombia, Colombian peso is not supported but PayPal allows you to withdraw funds to your local USD account (if you have one).

PayPal's Confidence

I think with these maps you now have an idea of the scope PayPal has for receiving money. If you live in a country in the green shadow, you can just link your debit/credit card to your PayPal account and you will be able to do payments.

PayPal's resolution center one to give buyers the confidense you need to buy from someone in another country. If for a reason you do not get the service or product you paid for, you can raise a case. PayPal will act as a mediator and it will listen to both side history version (of course, it will ask for a backup of any claim done). You will get your money back if you were victim of a seller who is not honoring the paid sale.

Good Look!

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