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Billing is the capacity to let the system asks (money of course) for its use. This application requires LCR for FusionPBX because when you build a business, you are not only looking to make profits but to save money.

Billing for FusionPBX will allow you to get money. Currently, Stripe, Paypal and Off-line plugins are available, but others gateways can be coded. It supports multicurrency as well, you can bill one customer in EUR, other in USD, other in MXN and pay in USD.

The big advantage of this project is it is inside the FusionPBX itself. This allows billing for many other items, such as extra extensions, assigned DID and more.

Among the outstanding features of the Billing software, you will find:

  • You can have prepaid and postpaid customers.
  • You can collect money in three ways: offline mode (where users send you offline the prof of payment), PayPal and Credit Card (using Stripe). Depending on your business needs, you can enable each payment gateway for pre or postpaid users. You can also forward the gateway fees to your customers if you want.
  • Multi-currency on selected currencies. Some currencies (mostly the ones that PayPal supports) are supported. This means you may have customers in Euros, others in Canadian Dollars and other even in Mexican Pesos. The system will get the rate from the Internet and will charge the right amount.
  • Tax support
  • Static Items charge, you can charge 911 for example
  • WHMCS integration, as I have been working to make this possible. Once you set up your API credentials, the billing system will push the calls as billable items.


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