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LCR is the capacity to let the system choose the proper route based on criteria. FreeSWITCH has mod_lcr to deal with this, but you will need an application to manage thousands of rates. The first release of this application was based on original FusionPBX's author LCR application with little fixes (we are talking about release 1.0.0). From that point, I have been adding many other capabilities to make this application a must-have for people who want to do business with VoIP.

LCR for FusionPBX will allow you to upload as many rate data as you need in many carriers as well. You will be able to You will get fail-over capabilities, if your first choice fails, FreeSWITCH will try the second one and so on.

Currently, the outstanding LCR features are:

  • Multiple Carriers
  • Multiple Gateways per Carrier
  • Priority per Carrier and per Gateway that overwrites the LCR cost evaluation. Very useful if you want to force a route.
  • Diversion support
  • Easy to import massive rate lists
  • Enjoy!
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