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Lately, I have been working on this new service. To Connect Me is the SIP Termination Trunk service that will boost your IP Telephony business. Among the most outstanding characteristics:

  • Prepaid,
    • Paypal and Credit Card top-up option,
    • Low top-up fees,
  • Low surcharges

If you are looking forward to lowering your telecommunication expenses, I believe this is an option to consider.


In order to secure both ends. To Connect Me allows only prepaid accounts. You control your use.

Paypal and Credit Card Top-Up Option

You can pay with Paypal and Credit Card. Credit is assigned immediately.

Low Top-Up Fees

While others discount you all the payment gateways fee, To Connect Me believes it is fair to share them.

Low Surcharges

While To Connect Me only serves conversational traffic, To Connect Me has combined high tolerance with low fees to allow you to have low surcharges incase you send invalid traffic.

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