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Computer Engineer by profession from the Arturo Rosenblueth Foundation and two master's degrees in Information Technology and Management (aka MBA with IT) and Telecommunications Administration from the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico and Télécom SudParis, certified as ITIL v2, CompTIA Linux+, CISSP, CISA, and CISM. However, my immersion into technology was at the early age of 13 years old. My following summary only speaks of my professional and technical career.

My first computer was an 80286 computer with 2 MB RAM and monochrome monitor using Microsoft DOS 3.3 with Windows 3.1; same that helped me to learn my very first programming languages: GW-BASIC, Turbo Pascal and MS-x86 ASM; projects such as modifying a database written entirely in GW-BASIC migrated to Turbo Basic and a computer virus that was written in assembly. Soon, that equipment was replaced by an 80386SX with 4 MB RAM and a CGA monitor that was used to perform al experiments that I could pass through my imagination until I finished junior high school.

I must confess that at that time all I knew was Microsoft technologies and I used to master any that I got in front of me: MS-DOS 3.3, 5.0, DR-DOS 6, Windows 3.1 and version for Workgroups 3.1.1, Visual Basic, dBase, Clipper, C, and C++. It was in high school where I had my first contact with the Internet and Unix. I believe it was around 1997. I started to learn about telnet and BBSes, I learned to incipiently use ksh and started in video editing and creating multimedia projects with an 80486DX3 100 Mhz and 66 MHz Pentium MMX computers property of my friends Salvador Cobian and Arturo Castillo respectively.

Simultaneously, I devoted myself to learning to play the guitar in its classic style; which evolved into the piano, electronic organs, and keyboards. Using borrowed equipment and music software I performed some pieces that were captured by MIDI interface equipment. I was fortunate to participate in the senior year at the Festival of Song (playing keyboards) winning the 3rd and 4th place on two songs written by Antar Martinez. In the following months, I wrote a song that was ready to be released at the same festival, but I finished school before and I did not find anyone who wanted to submit it.

I started an awkward career in electronic engineering in the UNAM, which it was cut by a strike in 2000. Later, I restarted the Computer Engineering career in the Fundación Arturo Rosenblueth; it was there where I defined my technological ideology. I learned differential and integral calculus, numerical methods, statistics, how to use recursion, LISP, PHP and Perl but mostly I met Linux and I made the big jump; I quit all the Microsoft technologies and installed my first Linux Mandrake 7.2. The change was not easy, It was radical; the next day I left all the software and I forced myself to do my daily tasks with Linux, regardless of the time it took me to do a simple task that with Microsoft technologies it would take five minutes.

I met Gonzalo Martínez, a 30-years older person than me, who gave me my first opportunity to work in Airports and Auxiliary Services as Information Security Chief while I was studying the last semesters of the university. Here, I idealized a world without Microsoft and created the LinuXchangE under Linux Mandrake 8.1; my first serious project, its aim was to remove from server end all possible Microsoft technologies and install Linux keeping end-users with Windows (XP at that time). LinuXchangE was my thesis project, a painful synod coming and going; after a month of trying to please everyone I understood what to do; I should do what I was told without complaint about, get the signature and then undo it and move forward to the next synod. It was the only way, I got the prized signatures in 2006 that allowed me to get my degree as a Computer Engineer. I then created OKay, my own business as a second alternative to an income.

In 2005 I changed my day job to INFOTEC as Information Security consultant and I met Ricardo Hernandez, a friend since then. That was a good time, I got almost all the certifications I am currently holding. I became certified as a CISSP, CISA, CompTIA Linux and ITIL version 2. It was a job in which unnoticed, I applied my knowledge of Linux, most acquired by the LinuXchangE project.

CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional CISA - Certified Information Systems Auditor CISM - Certified Information Systems Manager

In 2007, I change my day job again to INSYS S.A. de C.V. and in that stay, I got certified as CISM; I learned about the ISO'es beyond the published documentation, I participated in the team to get ISO27001 certification and I directed the first annual defense audit to maintain it. I liked that job, I was able to have interesting challenges when customers asked for architectures and customized solutions. At this point, I decided that the bachelor was not enough to achieve my goals (get out of Mexico) and started a master's degree in the ITAM. At this time, I decided to become more than an ordinary Linux user and take the next step as well; I became a Mandriva contributor (the new name of Mandrake), and in 2009 my contributions were published. I took care to keep updated as much server package related to my work, as it was concerned; Squid, Snort, among others. All my solutions were not only on Linux but on Mandriva. Because of my contributor status, all the deployed solutions in INSYS were done with Mandriva.

In 2009, I finished my master's degree with the second-degree option (along with a trip to France for two months) with a thesis that proposes to optimize Squid for maximum performance without changing equipment; performance measure was in terms of bandwidth savings. My algorithm achieving up to 30% of strokes in the Squid cache. It was not an easy thesis not only because of the technical competitivity (investigation and application of statistical methods, projections, and theory of trees to reach the desired results), but because I challenged myself to do it; I used LaTeX, a meta-language for writing complex documents. Although I had trouble learning another metalanguage, I succeed in mastering the necessary options.

In 2011, I switched from Mandriva to Mageia under the same line of work.

On November 2nd, 2012, along with my wife, children, and dog, I left Mexico and we settled in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Under the leadership of Jonathan Sowah as my boss. He supported my dream of going to a better place for my family. Since those days, I'm in the phone industry, to be precise, doing Voice over IP (VoIP). In this work I have come up with some creative solutions trying to solve trade problems: Twitbirds, a solution based advertising Twitter detecting your interests and send advertising based on this, the Katapulta a Latin job portal. 

In that epoch, because of my job I met the FusionPBX project, which after a deep analysis I chose it to give telephone services; as the early beginning only as a user, but later contributing. High availability, clustering, balancing, and many bug fixes are some of my contributions; as a consequence, I began a mutual help relationship with Mark J Crane, author of FusionPBX.

I must say I really loved that job. I was doing what I love to do. Everybody knows when you do what you love time does not matter. That said, I used to work between 8 and 10 hours a day without extra time paid. I must warn everyone who tries to work for AstraQom that the payment will not arrive on time, in my case I had always to remember the CEO when to pay me and it did not arrive on time. Lucky me, I am very organized with money and I was able to survive until the payment arrived.

On May 27th, 2014 I left AstraQom, I must say I expected a better deal (August 2014) I did not receive communication from the company to give me legal papers required by law nor the payment of my 3 last week I worked with them. I know at least two other ex-employees who did not get their last payment. After some months of calling and calling, AstraQom sent me my paperwork, but not the payment. (December 2016 March 2018). This was a very difficult time, I was betting all my future on AstraQom and I did let go of my old customers from Mexico (from freelancing with OKay). By that time, my only income was AstraQom.

After a month of being laid off, I continued my FusionPBX development. I focused on finishing the Billing for FusionPBX and in January 2015 I published the first release. Since then, I have been publishing updates. I also started to retake OKay as a serious business but Canadian laws are very strict on that matter, so I could not do it wide open.

I took with calm the job hunting, and it is funny the way things are. In order to get more customers for my Billing for FusionPBX, I used the Twitbirds project. It was then when I met Marc Laporte. After some texting, he decided to employ me. As my understanding, I joined his company Avantech (later rebranded as EvoluData) because of my VoIP knowledge and his desire to add some support by linking FusionPBX with WikiSuite. The truth is, things did not go well. He started to request reports of all my daily activities minute per minute. I ended up doing more things but nothing related to VoIP. He was not tolerant of my mistakes. To be fair, I must say I never had a late payment and when there was an issue, I was able to work from home. By the way, this was in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

I must say this was not a job I loved. In the beginning, I was really excited and I wanted to do what I love to do. I tried to take over all servers management to keep them updated, monitored and put an infrastructure that allows everyone to work, but he did not let me. My last days I was only going as an obligation. Anyway, I should say among the positive things I learned some few technologies, I was introduced to the Syncthing project, and the web scrapping with CasperJS. I also met Miss Natalie Laporte (a very nice lady) and Mr. Charles Robert.

Using the CasperJS was very fun and interesting. By using it, we were able to recollect data using a headless web browser. I remember this was quite a challenge (and fun), mainly because one of the websites was done with .NET (.NET has a mess in its JavaScript). Later this data was processed by other applications.

I should say Evoludata is not the best place to work as an employee but it is as a freelancer. When I got sick, I struggled to report those daily 360 minutes over the week. I was able to split those minutes among the other days, but no way they were spared. The positive thing is it was very fair, at the end I got all my paperwork and there was no debt on both sides.

On May 27th, 2015 I left Avantech. It was a feelings mix-up. I was worried because I got no job, but I was relieved because I stopped doing something I did not like anymore. This time it was different, I have learned from my past. I had an income. No having EvoluData income hurt, but not as much as last time with AstraQom. I was able to survive and my income was stable. By that time I had EstoyEn, To Call Me and Super VPN projects plus the OKay consultant services.

I had started doing some more projects that I will talk about later as I publish them.

In August 2016, I moved back to Ottawa. Still unemployed I started knocking doors until I found someone who decided to help me, his name Adrien Alexon. In November 2016, I joined Alexon Solutions lines as an IT Consultant. Not too much to say here, it was an awesome experience and 95% of my work was VoIP related. I want to say thank you for this support.

Because of our agreement, I left Alexon Solutions in November 2017. Why? Easy, I got my Canadian permanent residency. Being a Canadian residence opens many doors and opportunities. So, from this point, returning back as an employee is not an option for me; there is no better satisfaction of working for yourself.

In December 2017, I opened OKay as a registered Canadian business.

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If you need something you believe I can help you, please contact me. I will be more than happy to help you. Please contact me in my Google Hangout, Skype or any of my social networks, I will answer as soon as possible and we can discuss further.

I am only interested in long-term relationships.

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I am always interested in new projects, but if you are in Canada I would prefer to discuss an employment. Currently not looking for employment, but If you need continuous support, please contact me, there is always a win-win way to do the things.

How to get support from me?

It is hard to keep track of many people with many requests. Do not take it wrong, it is hard to remember everything; because of that, I will suggest following these steps to get support from me:

  1. Sign up for an account on my ticketing system, yes! I love OTRS. Please use your email as your login, it is easy to find you on the system later.
  2. Contact me on any of my social networks, the Skype public forum, the Telegram or Facebook Messenger are preferred. We should discuss if what you want to do is possible.
  3. If we both agree, rise a ticket, you should put all information there, including but not only: a full description of your issue, how to reproduce it, how should it work, server access. Sadly, there will be no exception, you must rise a ticket.
  4. Send me the ticket number.

I hope this little guide helps everyone. I look forward to doing business with you.


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