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The Enhanced XML CDR Importer is a piece of software that directly replaces the standard FusionPBX XML Importer. Each time a call is finished, the FreeSWITCH, through the mod_xml_cdr module, will call an HTTP PHP script that will import the call detail record into the database. It is called XML because FreeSWITCH actually uses an XML format to push the data.

The Enhanced XM CDR Importer supports a plugin architecture that makes it very powerful for the following tasks:

  • third party software integration: such as creating a ticket in a helpdesk software with the recording and data attached, sending call information to CRM software or pushing data to your own development;
  • CDR manipulation: you may want to alter some CDR entries to make them look better, for example, you may remove any carrier prefix;
  • action triggering: you may want to run local commands in your server each time a specific call happens, like exporting the recording to an external

Currently, the Enhanced XML CDR Importer has two plugins:

  • Billing plugin that works with Billing for FusionPBX
  • Eraser plugin that allows you to delete a specific call from the CDR (hide your activity)

Among the new capabilities:

  • more WHMCS integration
  • the billing plugin supports more variables

This software has been tested with FusionPBX 4.4.11, 4.5.8 (devel) and LCR/Billing 1.2.2. It will be compatible with FusionPBX 4.6 when published.

You can get the software from OKay's Bitbucket repository or if you like CentOS as I do, through my RPM repository.

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