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CIDLookup is the FreeSWITCH module who handles the Name Caller automatic setting. This means that when an incoming call happens, mod_cidlookup will handle and set the correct name. This way, when the extension rings, you won't see only a number, but a name as well.

Mod_cidlookup has many capabilities, it can consult a database in two levels and it can ask a WEB based service. In this article, I will explain the last one.

For starters, you must get an account in OpenCNAM. If you get a paid one you will get more accuracy.

Configuring FreeSWITCH

Edit your cidlookup.conf.xml file and do the following:

  1. Add or edit this line:
    <param name="url" value="${caller_id_number}"/>
  2. If you are not using the database capability, comment out the odbc-dsn line to avoid annoying warnings.

After that, you need to load or reload the module: load mod_cidlookup

Using de CidLookup

To activate it, you may need to add this line in your dialplan configuration:

<action application="set" data="effective_caller_id_name=${cidlookup(${caller_id_number})}"/>

FusionPBX Configuration

Best way to do this is by doing an incoming route with the following characteristics:

  • condition: is context public?
  • optional condition: is the caller number longer than 11 digits?
  • optional action: pre_answer
  • action: set call_direction=inbound
  • action: inline set caller_id_name=${cidlookup(${caller_id_number})}
  • action: inline set effective_caller_id_name=${caller_id_name}

Side Effect

Using this method forces an asynchronous call. This means that FreeSWITCH will wait until the CID lookup is finished. If for a reason there is a problem there and connection does not answer, you will be stuck. You may workaround that adding the pre_answer action.

Do you need an Unlimited CNAM Database?

Usually, the most common way you get billed by the query. However, I can have figure out a way to give you SuperCNAM, an unlimited (or unmetered) CNAM service for a flat free. If you wonder how much it is, it is approximately 16.99 USD quarterly (every three months).

Good Luck!

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