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The updating or upgrading process for a FusionPBX is really straight forward:

  1. Keep open a PHP session
  2. Replace the PHP files
  3. Run the upgrade script
  4. Update menus

This afternoon, while I was upgrading a customer I notice that the CDR was not recording.

What was Happening?

FusionPBX uses a big and complex array to save all the information, including the database one. This array is declared in many places, one of them is the app_config file. So, here it is the code declaration that was failing:

$apps[$x]['db'][$y]['fields'][$z]['name']['text'] = "xml_cdr_uuid";
$apps[$x]['db'][$y]['fields'][$z]['name']['deprecated'] = "uuid";
$apps[$x]['db'][$y]['fields'][$z]['type']['pgsql'] = "uuid";
$apps[$x]['db'][$y]['fields'][$z]['type']['sqlite'] = "text";
$apps[$x]['db'][$y]['fields'][$z]['type']['mysql'] = "char(36)";
$apps[$x]['db'][$y]['fields'][$z]['key']['type'] = "primary";
$apps[$x]['db'][$y]['fields'][$z]['description']['en-us'] = "";

The array declaration has nothing wrong.

While debugging the schema object in the FusionPBX PHP Code (resources/classes/schema.php), I found that the index 'name' could be or not an array. So, the error here is that if the name index is an array, FusionPBX code doesn't do anything. As a consequence, the database field won't be created and the SQL queries involving it will fail.

I found similar fields in the v_destination table.

The Fix

Around line 639 of the resources/classes/schema.php file (FusionPBX 4.4), I added the following code:

    if ($field['exists'] == "false") {
        $sql_update .= "ALTER TABLE ".$table_name." ADD ".$field['name']["text"]." ".$field_type.";\n";

Pull requests #4097 and #4100 have been sent. I will update this article when they get an answer. UPDATE: They were accepted!

If you don't feel confident about upgrading your FusionPBX, contact me.

Good luck!

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