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Lately, I have discovered how powerful is Telegram comparing to other instant messaging platforms. One of the best features it has is the ability of customized bots. Bots can do a lot of things, from giving you hidden account information, weather information, currency exchange information to some more complex things such as e-commerce (you can order a pizza!), specific application interaction and more.

I will be putting here the bots I have been coding with a summary of what they do and any other information.

My Telegram Bots

Winko Club Buttler Telegram Bot
Winko Club Bluter

This was mas first coded bot. It is meant to be just a group admin for the Winko Club Forum. It does the following tasks:

  • Prevents any new member to write in the group chat until the group rules have been accepted,
  • Deletes any text or image message that has a URL that points outside of the domain.
Go to the Forum
fling group logo
Fling Groups

AndrewMartinBot is the bot that helps you to convert any vanilla Telegram group into a Premium group (aka Fling Group). This solution is though to patch the multiple deficiencies that a Premium Snapchat has. The bot allows you to:

  • bill your group members credit card automatically,
  • eject from your group non-paid followers,
  • accept tips, and more...

To read more about this solution, you can go to the website Fling Group

Visit Andrew Martin
Disposable Numbers
Disposable Numbers

Since most part of the "free" VoIP applications won't allow you to do SMS verification, I came with this idea.

This Telegram bot will allow you to hire a disposable number. Depending on the service level (standard or premium) you can answer the SMS/MMS back, even international numbers. Use it to get a bypass any SMS verification.

Visit the bot
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