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Many PBXes services have a functionality where you can call a number you found on your computer. Happily, for us, FusionPBX has this capability but it is quite hidden and not end-user friendly. I will describe here what I did to make it work.

Install FusionPBX Select to Call Extension

This is a chrome extension called "FusionPBX Select to Call" on y our Chrome browser.

Configure The Chrome Extension

fusionpbx select to call browser options

  • PBX Domain: your FusionPBX base URL, you must put the http://url/ because the extension will just add the /app/click_to_call/click_to_call.php to the URL. The domain on the URL must match the domain on your extension as at this point, the click-to-call application won't try to deduce the domain in another way.
  • Your PBX Username/Password: suppose to be the web user name for authentication. I know the Fusion code very well and It won't ask for authentication. Maybe this is for future use?
  • Your Extension: the digits or the name of the extension you have configured in y our IP Phone or Softphone.
  • Your Caller ID Name/Number: the number and name the PBX will send in the INVITE signal. It will overwrite the effective_caller_id_{name,number} variables. Be careful, you have to put a valid number as some carriers won't route if the number is not a valid one.
  • Device auto-answer: This tells FreeSWITCH to send an auto-answer flag. Most IP phones will honour it but most Softphones won't.
  • Record: Tells the FreeSWITCH to record the call.
  • Ringback: Forces a specific ringback tone sequence, otherwise it will use your defaults.

Good luck!

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