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When you live in multi-lingual countries such as Canada, there are some laws that enforce multiple language support. Therefore, it is very common you have in the same tenant people who prefers one language over the other. Well, you are not alone, this is not the first time I get asked about this.

Please take note that you must have all the languages installed. If you are using my RPM's, you just need to do a yum search command to find them.

The not so good news is that FusionPBX, at least in 4.0 and 4.2, there is not a direct support for specific language per extension. We will need to do a dial-plan to make it possible. The logic is simple, all the LUA scripts look for three variables:

  • default_language; which it should have a value like en, es, fr
  • default_dialect = which it should have a value like us, ca, mx
  • default_voice = which it is the name of the person who did it

Put a dial-plan with the following settings:

  • order: 35
  • continue: true

condition ${user_exists} true
condition destination_number 999
action export default_language=es with inline set to true
action export default_dialect=mx with inline set to true
action export default_voice=maria with inline set to true

This dial-plan will put Mexican Spanish language by Maria when you dial to extension 999. Please note you must have the proper language installed.

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